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Tripawds Are Special Because . . .

The Tripawds Nation received so many unforgettable responses for our 2014 TriDay Celebration Contest!

With dozens of entries, we randomized a list of names for the lucky winner of a Tripawds Dog or Cat Collar Charm, and the winner is: Shelby’s Mom, Allison!


Thanks so much to everyone who entered, we’ll be holding more contests for our hand-crafted Tripawds jewelry soon so stay tuned. Meanwhile, here are the wonderful answers to the phrase,

Tripawds Are Special Because . . .

They show us how to truly appreciate life.
Tara Gobeil

They lose a limb, not their heart.
Joanna Pele

They do more with less!
Kim Truitt Southers

My tripawd cat can run faster then my 4 legged dog!
Lynn Kates Gillespie

They demonstrate how incredibly resilient we all are and how to turn to love when faced with deep adversity.
Susannah Greenwood

They display courage, adaptability, persistence and they show willingness to go on despite challenges and pain at times. They are so close to their humans because they are living with their choices. They seem to know those choices are for their good.
Karen Guinen

They give us the inspiration to carry on when we feel weak with their determination and love of life! Reminding us all is possible.
Michelle Bletz McClish

They are our three legged friend
Tania Spencer

Never once has my tripawd complained about what he is without and always makes the most of what he has. Tripawds are inspiration to us all to make the most of life with whatever we are faced with!
Natasha Leanne Sonley

They leave three paw prints on our hearts FOREVER!
Rebecca Urey

They don’t sweat the small stuff!
Taylor Boone Namburu

They are truly fighters and don’t give up, they still have all the unconditional love in the world, three legs and a spare and they still have that love and affection. They know they have pack leaders that never look back and do this for them not to them with all the love they got.
Tracy Reidel-Madigan

They care not what anyone thinks…they care about today and today only!
Melanie Powers

They teach us to live everyday in the moment.
Angela Claubaugh

They give inspiration with the living, loving and carrying on.. as a cancer survivor my Hope dog has been the best in teaching me to carry on…and she was born with her leg being unable to work… so blessed to have her in my life 3 years this February.
Leanne Steinbach

They keep putting one paw in front of the other, no matter how difficult.

They are empawering to pawrents, and to others!

They don’t dwell on the past, they just keep moving forward.

It’s not the number of legs that counts. It’s the amount of love they give which enhances your life.
Jane Elrod

They teach us that there can still be quality when life isn’t perfect.

They are Heroes in fur coats!
Charley’s Mom

Even after loosing a limb, they still have so much more to keep giving !

They show us the importance of being pawsitive!

They remind us anything is possible!
Barrets Mom Heather

They show us that they are not handicapped but in fact they are super handicap- able!
Sarah Johnson

They are always hoppy to see you and show that no matter what you are given in life, you can still be happy and live it to the fullest.
Rylee McCutchen

They love you more, with less.
Debbie & Kobe

They will warm your heart and inspire the world in ways you never thought were possible.
Crystal Beacom

They are a mathematical anomaly. 3/4 the limbs=8/4 the heart

Sharing our lives with tripawds offers us a glimpse of Paradise. They are pure spirit, timeless and free.
Sally and Happy Hannah

They have an extra-special enduring spirit, that will go on even when they are no longer by our side……

They teach those of us who are also physically imperfect to see that we are whole, too, and that we can be every bit as happy and full of life as those who are “normal.”
Cricket’s Human

They adapt and rise to the challenge of their new situation and embrace each day as a gift full of potential and hopes and dreams!

They teach the world that disability does not stop you leading a happy life. Mine taught me to live with my disability.
Michaela Walker

Even with a disability they can still have a job.

My tripawd is special because she wins over non pittie lovers with her cute hops and demeanor. Plus the children all love her!
Lady’s mom Jennifer

They have a second chance at living life to its fullest.
Allan Cobb

They put their best foot forward.
Diane Foster

They are loving and show us how persistent they are.

They show us how to persevere, be strong and live in the now!
Tracy & Spirit Maggie

They prove that no matter the circumstances, theres always something to wag your tail about.

They are persistent, loving and energetic.
Kosar’s mom

They teach us that life is worth living!
Luciana Young

They have tri-umphed over adversity.
trituck Linda

Feel free to keep the answers coming in the comments field below!

7 thoughts on “Tripawds Are Special Because . . .”

  1. They are special because….

    They make us realize what it truly means to be strong and keep going, even when times are tough.

    I love you my warrior Salem!!! Miss you every single day!

    <3 Kendi

  2. PAWSOME!!!!!

    Why are Tripawds Special? Because every day is THE BEST DAY EVER!!!!!

    Christine… with Franklin in her heart♥

  3. WOWser!!!! We won! I am so excited!!! Thank you so much!

    I loved reading the other responses … they were all so heartfelt and sincere and true! The Tripawd nation is like noneother … thank you for posting all those responses – definitely good to read when we’re feeling down or sad about our human existence because the furry ones can always remind us of the good in life!

    YAY! Thank you and definitely photos!

    Alison and Shelby

  4. Congrats Shelby (and Alison)…..

    And I’m with Sally….maybe those inspirational messages on the calendar next year or…..

    Looking forward to photos with your new collar, Shelby 🙂

    Linda and Tucker

  5. Congratulations SHELBY!! You will look even more gorgeous in your new collar…if that’s even possible to improve on perfection!!

    These respnses are wnderful!! Thank you for takng the time to post them!!

    They would make great inspirations on a little daily tripawd calendar! Sign me up!


    Sally and Happy Hannah


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