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Dog and Cat Cancer Survivors Wanted for Veterinary Cancer Registry

When it comes to pet cancer statistics, it’s hard to find concrete numbers about how many animals are being diagnosed with cancer, which methods they’re being treated for and their survival rates. However the National Veterinary Cancer Registry is working hard to change that and with your pet’s information,

The NVCR advances veterinary cancer research by gathering information from pet owners whose pets are diagnosed with a naturally occurring cancer and pairing them with emerging clinical trials around the United States. By creating a national database to identify and register pets diagnosed with cancer, the group strives to facilitate and promote medical treatments that lead to advances, higher success rates and eventual cures for cancer in pets and people.

Register Your Cancer Hero Today

With this new registry, pet parents and veterinarians can anonymously share detailed information about their pet’s disease. It will also allow pet owners to connect with other people whose pets have similar diagnoses and discuss treatment options and outcomes. Through this connection, pets will benefit from leading edge treatments and a better quality of life. There is no charge to participate.

Please consider registering your cat or dog in
the National Veterinary Cancer Registry

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