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New Crowdfunds for Animal Welfare Charities

Did you know that animal welfare and wildlife conservation non-profits only receive about 2% of all giving in America? Sad, but true. Thankfully that’s going to change thanks to a new crowdfunding community called

Now, even the tiniest animal welfare charities can get the financial help they need to improve the lives of all creatures. is connecting animal-lovers like us with specific projects that charities are working to complete. Here’s how it works:


Along with assistance from founding sponsor Halo for Pets, crowdfunding through makes it easy for us to boost animal welfare project funding.

Non-profits across America post projects in need of financial support, and donors can search by the type of animal they want to help. You can give any amount to the inspirational group project of your choice and when a project reaches its funding goal, LoveAnimals transfers the money which the non-profit uses to complete the project.

Every donor gets photos of the project taking place and insight into how every dollar was spent. Here are a few examples of recently funded projects:

Construct a playscape for the rescued goats of Woodstock Sanctuary


Transport unwanted shelter pets across the country to shelters and humane societies


One of the best parts of this new crowdfunding site is that does not take one penny of donations! This organization is a non-profit itself and you can even donate to them if you want to help the group assist even more deserving charities.

To learn more, visit the website today!

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