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Tripawd Tuesday: Day in the Life of TriKitty Charlie

This community’s come a long way. Today, Tripawd Cats are a growing part of the Tripawds Nation and nothing could make us hopper. We love sharing the news about how well three-legged cats can do with one less leg! Recently, Charlie the Cat Amputee gave us a “Day in the Life” of a three-legget cat. We’ve profiled him before, but are so excited about his pawgress we want to share some of it with you for Tripawd Tuesday.

Six Months Out and Doing Great!

The bottom line is, Charlie is doing great! His pathology finally came back and I am happy to say that it was confirmed that he did have a chondrosarcoma and that the margins were clean. He should be able to live out his natural lifespan and it is very unlikely that the cancer will recur. Great news!!!

three-legged, cat, amputee, feline, tripawd
Charlie goes back to his favorite spots!

Charlie does well washing on one side, but I have to help him a little with the other now!

tripawd, cat, feline, amputee, three-legged
Tripawd cats can groom themselves too.
Tripawd, cat, three-legged, kitty, amputee, feline

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1 thought on “Tripawd Tuesday: Day in the Life of TriKitty Charlie”

  1. Charlie, you get cuter everyday…if that’s even possible!

    HAPPY SIX MONTH AMPUVERSARY CHARLIE! So inspirational to see how well you’re doing and to know that you are living life to the fullest….good job Charlie!


    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!


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