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Osteosarcoma – The Big Picture

The majority of Tripawds members know all to well about osteosarcoma.  But by promoting pet cancer awareness and education, we can help improve the chances of early diagnosis and grow support for research and development.

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Canine Bone Cancer Facts

According to Morris Animal Foundation:

  • 10,000 dogs are diagnosed with osteosarcoma each year.
  • Osteosarcoma occurs 10x more frequently in dogs than humans.
  • 20% to 50% greater risk for male dogs.
  • Accounts for roughly 5% of all canine tumors and 85% of all canine bone tumors.
  • 80% of dogs die within two years of diagnosis and in 90% of cases, the cancer has already spread upon diagnosis.
  • 4,000 – 8,000 dogs die annually from metastatic disease.
  • 75% – 85% of osteosarcoma cases occur in the limbs.
  • Dogs over 80 lbs. are 60 times more likely to develop osteosarcoma than dogs weighing less than 75 lbs.

The most common symptoms of osteosarcoma include swelling, visible lameness, joint and bone pain, and even bone fractures caused by the weakening of bones due to the osteosarcoma growth. If you notice your dog limping or in pain, you should immediately contact your vet.

Currently the most effective standard of care, if the tumor occurs in a limb, is to amputate to prevent the spread of the cancerous cells. When combined with adjuvant chemotherapy survival rates can be improved. Chemotherapy is Only Effective When the Primary Tumor is Removed.

  • 1 Year: 50% of dogs treated with the current standard of care survive at least 1 year (or 10% of a lifetime).
  • 2 Years: 20% of dogs with appendicular osteosarcoma who have the limb removed and undergo chemotherapy treatment, survive more than two years.
  • 5 – 6 years: Some dogs can live 5 or more years after the standard treatment.
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Osteosarcoma By The Numbers

Three paws up to Orvis and Morris Animal Foundation for developing this informative graphic to grow awareness about bone cancer in dogs. It is a great visual display illustrating facts and figures of this devastating disease. Get code here to share this on your site!

Canine Bone Cancer: The Big Story on Osteosarcoma

Canine Bone Cancer: The Big Story on Osteosarcoma: Developed by Orvis and Morris Animal Foundation




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